Move a small Airplane or a Boat & trailer
in any direction 360 degrees. 

Slide them around on our Dolly System.

Solves a big storage problem 
and frees up space.

Red Viper Boat Positioner


"The Dolly People"

$ 215 EACH


wheel choc included with boat and airplane positioners
Handy wheel chock is "included" with each RED VIPER POSITIONER
airplane and boat secure
Acts as a Brake on dolly.
stop boat from rolling
Prevents tire from sliding off dolly while positioning.
slide a boat slide an airplane
Works great! Makes sliding & moving your Airplane, Boat,etc. a piece of cake!!

They're a Boat Trailer Mover or Airplane Mover. Trailer Dolly or Positioner.
                                       Boat Dolly      Airplane Dolly  
           Frees up Airplane Hangar space or Frees up Boat Storage space

Move around heavy equipment "360 degrees". Just
roll your boat trailer or airplane tires onto our USA built dollies and push,pivot,slide into any position needed. 
Low riding steel built frame only rises 1/2 inch off the ground. Each dolly system holds up to 2000 pounds and can handle many sizes of tire widths easily.
Our casters are built super heavy duty.  4 brakes AND wheel chock are included for dolly/tire stability.

 Built strong in the USA to last.

Try them out positioning & moving Boat Trailers,Small Airplanes and in your Warehouse 
(ex. to move around heavy crates,boxes,equipment). Free's up more space for storage,etc. Works great in those tight spots.

move a boat trailer

Slide Boat Trailers, Small Airplanes into Position fast & easily.  

ALSO currently used for moving around heavy equipment in warehouses & factories. Works quicker than a traditional forklift. Just place object onto our dolly system and slide it around 360 degrees. Will hold up to 2000 pounds per dolly.

The RED VIPER POSITIONERS are NOT designed to be used on an incline surface OR over speed bumps on the ground surface. They are TOO low off the ground to handle such things.

airplane dolly move airplane in hangar
airplane wheel dolly to position airplane
Move an airplane around in the hangar to free up more space for yourself.
boat trailer easily move boat
Move a boat & trailer around 360 degrees in the garage,showroom or storage area. Frees up more space for yourself.  EVEN works great on trailers with "tandem" tires.
boat trailer dolly position boat
Red Viper airplane and boat mover