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Need to store your boat in the garage & need to free up more space ?

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T & L Industries Co. in Cranston, Rhode Island USA is your trusted seller of Red Viper Airplane & Boat Positioners

A handy tool to slide and move your airplane or boat 360 degrees in and around a tight spot. Frees up more space.

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Red Viper Airplane/Boat Positioners - Model 2000


Heavy Duty - Holds up to 2000 pounds per dolly.

Tire widths up to 9 inches & wheel diameters up to 26 inches.

Rises a mere 1/4 inches off the ground for smooth mounting and de-mounting of tires

Uses built-in speed bumps to prevent tire movement once aligned onto dolly system.

Please Note: Stabilizing Toggle Clamps SOLD SEPARATELY as an "optional" accessory

Used on boat trailers,campers,highway equipment or SMALL light airplanes

Your easy way to slide around boat trailers,campers,small airplanes into position 360 degrees

Works especially well in tight storage spots

Just roll boat trailer,camper,airplane onto low riding dollies

Roll boat-camper-airplane into your needed 360 degree direction

Boat-camper-airplane will glide easily on our specially designed low-profile heavy duty casters

2000 lbs per dolly, 4000 lbs capacity per pair or 8000 lbs capacity with 4 dollies

Works great on Boat Trailers with TANDEM WHEELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allows you to even STORE them on the dollies for the WINTER.  THEY WORK!!!!

*some overseas outsourcing as required

Four (4) Toggle Clamp Brakes (optional accessory)

Toggle clamp brakes help to stabilize steel frame during mounting/demounting tire. An "optional" accessory depending on condition of surface.

Sold as a set of 4 ($ 39.15)    

Wheel Chock

Wheel Chock. Can be placed in front of or behind steel platform in the mounting/demounting process. Also can be placed inside "speed bump" for tire stability.

Caster Replacement wheels

Caster Replacement wheels. Heavy duty ball-bearing casters allow pivot of 360 degrees in any direction. Low maintenance casters.

Riser Metal Plate

The "Riser" metal plate is an "optional" accessory to lift up the dolly off the ground another 1/2 inch. Requires removing each caster using screw driver and a wrench for nuts and bolt fastened. We include a 1 inch longer bolt when we send package of 4 Risers to you. Sold as a 4 pack so that each of the 4 casters can "rise" up 1/2 inch off the ground. Priced $ 24.15 per 4 pack

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